Brestel Sylvia

Lousville, Ky, KY



I am a fiber artist who creates distinctive wearable art, sculptures, and wall art. Some techniques I use in my striking designs include hand dyeing, hand felting, hand painting, fiber painting, shibori, and nuno felting. I work mostly with wool fibers and use other natural and synthetic fibers. When working with wool, I try to emphasize the organic nature of the medium. I maintain a natural, handmade feel and personal look to my work that shows high quality craftsmanship. My work is a result of a strong reliance on my intuition and senses. My pieces are influenced by nature, especially animals of the wild, feathers, trees, and leaves. I am honored to carry on a craft that has an 8,000 year old tradition. I sometimes enjoy embellishing my work with yarns, threads, tinsel, lace, wood beads, glass beads, sequins, lampwork buttons, or wood buttons. I am passionate about creating and designing superb art that will resonate my love of the process of working with fiber.

April 26, 2018